[June.1, 2018] One paper accepted by IJCV!
[Feb.21, 2018] Two paper accepted by CVPR 2018!
[Nov.13, 2017] One paper accepted by AAAI 2018!
[Sep.05, 2017] One paper accepted by workshop in NIPS 2017!
[Sep.01, 2017] One paper accepted by T-PAMI!
[Jul.17, 2017] One paper accepted by ICCV 2017!
[Mar.04, 2017] Two papers accepted by CVPR 2017!
[Nov., 2016] We win the first place in ILSVRC2016 DET (aka ImageNet)! We also release our Code.
[Jun., 2016] We win the first place in ECCV-MOT16 Challenge! We also release our appearance feature here.


I am a first year Ph.D. student in MMLab in Chinese University of Hong Kong, established by Prof. Xiaoou Tang and supervised by Prof. Xiaogang Wang .
My research interests include: (1) face/person analysis (detection, attribute, recognition, synthesis) in large scale (>1M identities) and (2) interpretability for deep neural network.
From 2016 to 2017, I was a computer vision researcher in Sensetime Group Limited.
In 2015~2016, I was a research intern in Microsoft Research Asia.
In 2016, I received my bachelor degree with best bachelor thesis award in Beihang University.
In recent years I served as a reviewer for CVPR, IJCV, TCSVT.

Projects & Datasets

CaffeMex v2.3
Y Liu, H Li

A multi-GPU & memory-reduced MAT-Caffe on LINUX and WINDOWS

Labeled Pedestrains in the Wild
Y Liu, G Song

A large scale pedestrain re-identification benchmark


Google Scholar
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